News update

 Velocity Challenge prize for our business proposal H2OQUAL in the UN Sustainable Development catergory.


Plants 2021 Best Paper Award for our publication Plant Disease Detection and Classification by Deep Learning.


Fifth National Conference on Manufacturing, Design and Entrepreneurship in NZ will be held on 15-16 Nov 2021.



Dr. Khalid Arif

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, SF&AT,
Massey University
229 Dairy Flat Highway
Albany 0632
Phone: 09 414 0800

Welcome to the Massey University Sensors and Smart Systems Laboratory, headed by Dr. Khalid Arif. Our group pursues research that spans multiple disciplines. We have complementary efforts in sensors/ biosensors, robotics/mechatronics, deep/machine learning, the IoT and additive manufacturing that are supported by multiple externally sponsored funders.

Indoor air quality sensors


Water quality sensors


Plant disease detection

Mobile machine vision